WATER texture (ver.2)


Please use by self-responsibility.


The original file, it is recommended that you back up.


The video uses its own ENB setting.
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 適用方法(Shepherds Shieldの場合)

  1./Richard Burns Rally/Mapsにある"track-23_E_textures.rbz"の拡張子をzipに変えて"track-23_E_textures.zip"にする。




 How to apply (in the case of Shepherds Shield)

1./Richard Burns Rally / Maps in the "track-23_E_textures.rbz" the extension of the place of the zip to "track-23_E_textures.zip".

 2. Unzip the "track-23_E_textures.zip".

 3. Rename the "WATER.dds" that you downloaded from the following link to "BR_WATER.dds", replace the track-23_E_textures / damp / BR_WATER.dds extracted in 2.

Not returned to .rbz format and re-compression, that you leave the folder.

 WATER texture (ver.1) Download 

 WATER texture (ver.2) Download 

Great Britainが"BR"、Australiaが"AU"、Franceが"MB"、Japanが"HO"、


  Any other Map is similar if changing the first two letters of "BR_WATER.dds".

  It may be wrong because it does not have to confirm all but, the following track number is assumed to each Map.
Great Britain is "BR", Australia is "AU", France is "MB", Japan is "HO",
USA is "US".

track-10 Finland Kaihuavaara
track-11 Finland Mustaselka
track-12 Finland Sikakama
track-13 Finland Autiovaara
track-14 Finland Kaihuavaara Ⅱ
track-15 Finland Mustaselka Ⅱ

track-20 Great Britain Harwood Forest
track-21 Great Britain Falstone
track-22 Great Britain Chirdonhead
track-23 Great Britain Shepherds Shield
track-24 Great Britain Harwood Forest Ⅱ
track-25 Great Britain Chirdonhead Ⅱ

track-31 Australia New Bobs
track-32 Australia Greenhills
track-33 Australia Mineshaft
track-34 Australia East-West
track-35 Australia New Bobs Ⅱ
track-36 Australia East-West Ⅱ

track-41 France Cote D' Arbroz
track-42 France Joux Verte
track-43 France Bisanne
track-44 France Joux Plane
track-45 France Joux Verte Ⅱ
track-46 France Cote D' Arbroz Ⅱ

track-51 Japan Noiker
track-52 Japan Sipirkakim
track-53 Japan Pirka Menoko
track-54 Japan Tanner
track-55 Japan Noiker Ⅱ
track-56 Japan Tanner Ⅱ

track-61 USA Fraizer Wells
track-62 USA Prospect Ridge
track-63 USA Diamond Creek
track-64 USA Hualapai Nation
track-65 USA Prospect Ridge Ⅱ
track-66 USA Diamond Creek Ⅱ
Original file/ver.1 ver.2





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